Cup o’ Tea


So, I attempted to make a green tea latte from a recipe that I found online. Let’s just say … it didn’t turn out too well.

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Failure Leading to Success

Mistakes Don’t Always Result in Failure; and Sometimes Failure Leads to Success

Those First Steps

We’ve all failed at some point in our lives with something. Even if we’ve failed many times, with some things we have actually found success. Learning to walk could be the easiest thing to describe. Continue reading

Brain Freeze

Do you ever have those moments? 

You’ve probably had times in your life where you just couldn’t think of anything. Like, if you had a project to do or felt bored.

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Piano Cover Post

YouTube Channel

Aegyo Pop’s YouTube Channel is now alive! I’ve posted some of my piano ideas and covers already. Interested? Check it out!

Aegyo Pop Channel

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1st Post- Aegyo Pop Goals

AEGYO POP header


Welcome to Aegyo Pop! This is my first blog post here, and I’m so excited to write for you all!

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